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green world

A disclaimer before reading

Firstly, if you feel as though you're already towards towards creating something that you think is brilliant, you might want to scroll ahead to section 3.

If you're not, that's okay but please only read this manifesto when you're in a headspace to be challenged.

If it makes you uncomfortable at any point, take a moment to recognise that feeling, really feel it, and read on. If it makes you too uncomfortable, come back another time. Or just read it anyway, get annoyed, and think about why it might’ve provoked that reaction in you.

Finally, don’t treat this as a judgement of your decisions in life. It makes even us - the people who wrote it! - feel terrible when we do. However, while it makes us feel bad about the past, it makes us feel excited about the future - the stuff we can do and the people we can do it with.

With these precautions in mind, read on!


Really giving a fuck is scary. You’re right to be afraid.

You’re smart, you know all the reasons why a new idea won’t work. You know exactly where it'll go wrong and why. You get it.

You even know the things you shouldn’t consider - the stuff that’s crazy. You barely even think about them. Because you’re smart. Why would a smart person even consider crazy things?

Better to go for what you know will work - what's tried and tested.

You won’t fail; you won’t get embarrassed; there’s no chance you’ll feel like a loser.

You look around for approval and you find agreement everywhere - “That makes sense!”, they say. That college course has great prospects! That business is just like that other one! That job seems reliable!

Sometimes, you slip up. A crazy idea makes its way into your mind mid-conversation. Without a second thought, you tell others and see them shuffling awkwardly in their seats. They can tell it’s crazy. They know.

You imagine what will happen if you try to make this a reality. People will roll their eyes. They'll accuse you of delusions of grandeur. You’ll be ridiculed in WhatsApp groups. Your friends will be exhausted from listening to you. It probably won’t work.  Everyone will know you’re a failure. They’ll know you weren’t smart enough for that job at Google.

You’ll be an outcast. A failure. A cautionary tale.

You know this because you’ve been the one doing the ridiculing - you’ve gossiped about why someone failed, and you’ve shared a screenshots of ‘obnoxious’ posts. You’ve been educating the world on the danger of crazy ideas. You’ve been helping people be more reasonable. You’re a good person.

Sure, other people do this stuff but they got lucky, or maybe they’re just smarter. Or something else happened. There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t emulate them. Every one of them is an exception.

You don't think of yourself as a coward, but there are some things that you should be afraid of. You're completely right to be not want to do something new and unusual.You completely right to pay attention to the red lights.


But are you becoming someone you’d admire?

When you put something out there that you really believe in, you’re exposing a piece of your soul to the world.

Maybe you will be ridiculed in WhatsApp groups. Maybe you will loudly and publicly fail. Maybe smart people will see it and think you’re an idiot.  Maybe you'll think you're an idiot.

However, the people you admire the most faced those risks and did it anyway. They refused to pay attention to the red lights.

They created products, movements and art that subverted norms and overcame ridicule. They’re the Elon Musks, the Joan of Arcs and the Walt Disneys of the world.

But they aren't just world-changing icons: they're also the woman who started the first cat café, the artist who did that huge piece of graffiti in your city, or the guy who runs your local comic con.

You admire people who leave the the part of the world you care about better for having been alive. People who fought to make something happen, or who added a little bit of joy to the world. People who give enough fucks to actually try to change things.

But those people are all different to you, right? They have something that you don't, right?

Well, they definitely do and that’s okay because you also have things that they don't. And your goal shouldn’t be to be someone else but to be the boldest, proudest version of yourself. The you-est you.

In fact, you probably already have been this person in some ways. I'd bet that the times you look back and admire yourself, it’s also because you cared enough to try to make something a little bit better. You believed in someone; you stood up for something; you went above and beyond; you chose to really give a fuck.

You've seem a glimpse of who you might be if you had no fear or shame and you liked what you saw! 

But it's probably not how you're living your life right now or who you're being.

And that's not even your fault - humans are inherently social animals and the fear of rejection is a powerful deterrent. This is why the boldest people often have autistic traits and why people fear public speaking above all else.

Social rejection meant death to our ancestors and we just can’t rewire that instinct.

So what if instead of rewiring that instinct, we could leverage it?

What if you could reshape your social network and, in turn, reshape what your ancient instincts drive you towards?

What if you could join a community of people who don’t share the societal norms that push people towards conformity?

What if, in doing so, you could intentionally enter a mindset where you ignore all the reasons not to be your boldest self?

What if you could actually take action to overcome the fears of danger and social exclusion that helped your ancestors survive in the wild but probably aren't so useful in today’s world?



To visit Green World is to visit a world of people who refuse to see red lights.

People who ask “Why can’t we?” instead of saying “Here’s why we can’t”.

People who embrace the attitude that helped mankind wield fire and land on the moon.

People who believe that you might be able to - through sheer force of will - make your craziest ideas come alive.

Being part of it is to be part of a group of people who will challenge you - not because they don’t believe in you, but because they want to understand your ideas and help you hone them to the point that they‘ll survive collisions with reality.

It's a collection of people who get the difficulty in trying to make something new because they’re trying to do it too.

And they also need your belief, your challenges and your understanding.

To spend time in Green World is to enter a world that doesn’t accept the norms that hold you back.

It’s an excuse to believe that you might be able to do something bold and give others the security to be more braver and bolder than they thought they could be.

Visiting Green World can be inspiring, but it can also be scary.

When you visit Green World, you'll realise that most of your excuses are bullshit.

You'll realise you’ve been lying to yourself.

You'll realise that so much of your life is driven by fear.

This is tough to acknowledge because you don’t think of yourself as a coward. Your excuses made sense. It was too risky. You could’ve failed. You had responsibilities. It wasn’t the right time. You had too much going on.

But all of these excuses fail to recognise the most important and immutable fact of life: in a short time, you’ll be dead.

This is scary but you’re part of something bigger. You can contribute something that outlasts even the memory of you - even if it's tiny. You can risk being different and therefore make the world different and better. You can do this while living a rich, happy, loving life. You are smart enough. You are good enough. Every one of your excuses is bullshit.

People have done all of this before and you can do it now. The only real risk you can take is to risk nothing.

Do you want excuses to be what defines you? Are you happy not even acknowledging the forces that are making you into who you’re becoming? Are you willing to be bolder?

You can’t live in Green World, but you can visit to build a vision for your future. You can strengthen this vision to the point where you really believe in it, inspire others to believe it too, and then go back to the real world determined to make it happen.

You can encourage others to do the same and form bonds with people who are also pursuing the most human of all desires.

Together, you can get past all of the red lights. Together, you can overcome all the challenges. Together, you can do things and build memories that will make you smile on your deathbed - finding comfort in the knowledge that you at least tried to make the world a little bit better.

Don't believe your excuses. Don’t just survive.  Don’t accept the meaning others give to you.

Be bold. Encourage boldness. Create meaning.

Refuse to see red lights.

Visit Green World.

Green World brings together a group of weird, friendly, ambitious people on the second Sunday of every month in Berlin.

Through this event and online, we want to help them build a social network that pushes them to pursue their goals and thrive in their lives.

If you’d like to apply to join, go here. Have more questions? That’s very understandable - you can check out our FAQ here.